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Great Bear Wild - Dispatches from a Northern Rainforest

Through breathtaking photographs and moving prose, McAllister's Great Bear Wild presents a compelling case for the urgent need to protect, in perpetuity, one of the most magnificent ecosystems on the planet-the increasingly threatened Great Bear Rainforest
Jane Goodhall, UN Messenger of Peace

Pacific Wild's Conservation Director, photographer, and longtime Great Bear Rainforest resident Ian McAllister, takes us on a deeply personal journey from the headwaters of the region’s unexplored river valleys down to the hidden depths of the offshore world. Globally renowned for its astonishing biodiversity, the Great Bear Rainforest is also one of the most endangered landscapes on the planet, where First Nations people fight for their way of life as massive energy projects threaten entire ecosystems.
McAllister’s new book Great Bear Wild, a stunning collection of photographs and personal narrative, is the product of twenty five years of McAllister’s research, exploration, and campaigning for the spectacular area he calls home.

Released October 2014 by Greystone Books in Canada and University of Washington Press in The United States.
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The Great Bear Sea - Exploring the Marine Life of a Pacific Paradise

By: Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read
Photography by:Ian McAllister
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers


ISBN: 978-1-4598-0019-9

Price: $19.95

Canada's Great Bear Rainforest - A Pacific Paradise


Following the Last Wild Wolves

  By: Ian McAllister
  Introduction by: Paul C. Paquet
  Contributions by: Chris Darimont
  ISBN 978-1-55365-587-9
  Publisher: D&M Publishing
  Publishing Date: April 2011
  Pages: 208
  Price: $19.95 CAD

The illustrated edition of The Last Wild Wolves won the B.C. Booksellers’ Choice Award and has sold over 7,000 copies. This updated textual edition describes what has happened to the wolves and their environment since the book first appeared in 2007 and presents the latest scientific research indicating that these wolves are a distinct species.

It also contains a sixteen-page photographic insert that includes spectacular new photographs.


The Sea Wolves-Living Wild in the Great Bear Rainforest

By authors Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read
Images by: Ian McAllister
Illustrations by: Martin Campbell
ISBN: 9781554692064
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: October/01/2010
Pages: 96
Price: $19.95

These unique wolves swim like otters and fish like bears!

The Sea Wolves sets out to disprove the notion of "the Big Bad Wolf," especially as it is applied to coastal wolves—a unique strain of wolf that lives in the rainforest along the Pacific coast of Canada. Genetically distinct from their inland cousins and from wolves in any other part of the world, coastal wolves can swim like otters and fish like the bears with whom they share the rainforest. Smaller than the gray wolves that live on the other side of the Coast Mountains, these wolves are highly social and fiercely intelligent creatures.

Living in the isolated wilderness of the Great Bear Rainforest, coastal wolves have also enjoyed a unique relationship with man. The First Nations people, who have shared their territory for thousands of years, do not see them as a nuisance species but instead have long offered the wolf a place of respect and admiration within their culture.

Illustrated with almost one hundred of Ian McAllister's magnificent photographs, The Sea Wolves presents a strong case for the importance of preserving the Great Bear Rainforest for the wolves, the bears and the other unique creatures that live there.

Want more Sea Wolves? Visit to view an excerpt and images from the book, download teacher resources and learn more about the Great Bear Rainforest.


The Salmon Bears-Giants of the Great Bear Rainforest

Recently nominated for a CYBIL award (Children and Young Adult Bloggers Literary Award) and the Silver Birch award, which is a children’s choice award through the Ontario Library Association’s Forest of Reading program.


By authors Ian McAllister and Nicholas Read

Images by: Ian McAllister
Illustrations by: Martin Campbell
ISBN: 9781554692057
Publisher: Orca Book Publishers
Pub Date: April/01/2010
Price: $18.95

Extensively illustrated with Ian McAllister's photographs, The Salmon Bears
explores the delicate balance that exists between the grizzly, black and spirit bears that inhabit the last great wilderness along the central coast of British Columbia and their natural environment. Key to this relationship are the salmon that are born in the rivers each spring, who then go out to sea as juveniles and return as adults to spawn and die, completing a cycle of life that ensures the survival of not only their own species but also virtually every other plant and animal in the rainforest.

In clear language suitable for young readers, the authors describe the day-to-day activities that define the lives of these bears through the four seasons. But this is also very much the story of the Great Bear Rainforest-a vast tract of land that stretches from the northern tip of Vancouver Island to the Alaska border and contains some of the largest stands of old-growth forest left on the West Coast. The Salmon Bears focuses on the interconnectedness of all life in the rainforest and makes a strong case for the importance of protecting this vital ecological resource.

Author royalties will be fully donated to bear conservation efforts on the BC coast.

The Great Bear Rainforest

If you are interested in learning more about conservation of this important area and its wildlife, we invite you to read The Great Bear Rainforest, by Ian and Karen McAllister with Cameron Young. This coffee table book offers the reader an in-depth view of this remarkable but long overlooked area. Winner of the B.C. Bookseller’s Choice Award, the book has now been reprinted with a new cover and updated postscript.

The Last Wild Wolves, Ghosts of the Great Bear Rainforest

Ian McAllister’s second book The Last Wild Wolves, Ghosts of the Great Bear Rainforest is an intimate portrait that documents for the first time ever a distinct population of wolves living on the rugged north coast of British Columbia, one of the last places on the planet where wolves live relatively undisturbed by humans. This book describes Ian’s experiences following two packs of wolves, one in the extreme outer coastal islands and another farther inland in the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest. With contributions by wolf researcher Chris Darimont, the book contains a selection of over 100 photographs taken by Ian during his seventeen years living in and exploring this region.

All Photography © Ian McAllister unless otherwise noted.
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