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Heiltsuk and Haida nations finalize peace treaty

RYAN ERWIN - Global News - Historic peace treaty signed in Bella Bella


Coastal grizzly hunt territories eyed for purchase by First Nations, enviros

MYCHAYLO PRYSTUPA - Vancouver Observer - Two guide outfitting bear-hunt territories appear to have sellers.


Increasing oil transport threatens orcas with extinction, Vancouver conference told

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun - One ill-timed spill could push southern resident killer whales ‘over the brink’


Mankind to blame for caribou declines in South Peace, not wolves: BC government report

LARRY PYNN-The Vancouver Sun -A Ministry of Environment document released through freedom-of-information legislation blames human actions, not wolves, for the decline of BC’s threatened caribou herds.


B.C. caribou herds face extinction despite government protection

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - Woodland caribou in northeast B.C. are headed for extinction while under government protection.


B.C. First Nations group pushes back against Petronas LNG venture

BRENT JANG - The Globe and Mail - First Nation votes no to a 1 billion dollar LNG offer in the Great Bear Rainforest.


MaPP represents big plan for the Great Bear Sea

DAVID R. MILLER - Huffpost British Columbia - Marine conservation on B.C. coast takes a step forward as First Nations and province complete marine plans.


Effects of English Bay oil spill likely to linger as people warned to avoid Vancouver beaches

VANCOUVER SUN - Tiffany Crawford, Kelly Sinoski and Brian Morton - Officials concerned about 12-hour delay between first report to coast guard and contact with the City of Vancouver WITH VIDEO


First Nation vows to interfere in B.C. herring fishery

CANADIAN PRESS with video from Global News - First Nations are vowing to fight a commercial herring roe fishery on the Central Coast, claiming stocks are on the verge of collapse. Elaine Yong reports


Opinion: Ecologists oppose B.C. wolf kill

BY JOHN AND MARY THEBERGE, Special to the Vancouver Sun - Canadian wolf scientists condemn B.C. Government for wolf kill.


B.C. Mines Minister faces scrutiny over ties to guide-outfitting operation

MARK HUME and JUSTINE HUNTER - The Globe and Mail - Bill Bennett in conflict with resident hunters and guide outfitters in B.C. - potentially raising the market value of outfitting operations.


B.C. wolf cull will likely last 5 years, deputy minister says

CHRIS BROWN - CBC News - Critics say culls are ineffective and cruel


First Nations launch court challenge against B.C. over Northern Gateway

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - The 19th legal challenge has been filed against the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project by Coastal First Nations.


Inside an Unfolding Toxic 'Marine Disaster' on BC's Coast

CHRISTOPHER POLLON - The Tyee - Stunning video bolsters emergency appeals from First Nations that province, feds, owner finally clean up pollution threat.


B.C. researchers dive underwater caves to solve salmon mystery (with video)

LARRY PYNN- The Vancouver Sun - They donned scuba gear to follow the salmon, which seemingly swim through mountains near Bella Bella.


Group of four First Nations in B.C. fight Petronas-led LNG project

BRENT JANG - The Globe and Mail


Simushir, fuel-laden Russian cargo ship, adrift off Haida Gwaii after tow lines part

CBC News - Canadian Coast Guard vessel tried 3 times to attach lines to the incapacitated ship.


Heiltsuk and Kitasoo-Xaixais jointly file court challenge to federal decision approving Enbridge Nor

Coastal First Nations Great Bear Initiative - Press Release


The truth about dilbit

Katherine Palmer Gordon - July/August - Focus Online Magazine - The reality of an oil spill on the B.C. coast if supertankers carrying diluted bitumen traverse these waters.


Former Banff research bear legally shot and killed by B.C. hunter

COLETTE DERWORIZ - Calgary Herald - A male grizzly traversing between Alberta and B.C. has been shot in British Columbia during this years spring harvest. Hunting was suspended in Alberta in 2006.


A crumbling town threatens B.C.’s coast, unless you ask those in charge

MARK HUME-The Globe and Mail- Namu, B.C. once a coastal village that hosted a thriving cannery, but today it has no value to its owner and governments deny its decay is about to harm the environment


Northern Gateway likely to threaten at-risk species, but feds say impacts 'justified'

JASON FEKETE - The Vancouver Sun - Federal government states impact of the Northern Gateway pipeline is "justified in the circumstances".


Northern Gateway: Opposition could include civil disobedience

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun - ‘The campaign is not over until there are tankers filling up at the end of an Enbridge pipeline’


Northern Gateway pipeline report 'flawed,' 300 scientists tell PM

CBC News - Hundreds of scientist from Canada and around the world have written and signed a letter to Stephen Harper stating that the JRP report is is flawed and useless.


Canada lags in protecting oceans: report

GLORIA GALLOWAY -The Globe and Mail- In terms of the percentage of its oceans that have been protected, Canada lags behind China, Indonesia and Russia and six other countries with large ocean regions.


Wolf management plan angers B.C. conservationists

Canadian Press - CBC News - Released Wolf Management Plan puts B.C. wolves at risk.


Kitimat residents vote no on Northern Gateway

PETER O'NEIL - The Vancouver Sun - More than half vote against project, yet backers vow to push ahead


Why a City's Symbolic Vote on Northern Gateway Matters

DAVID R. MILLER - The Huffington Post - This week the community of Kitimat is set to participate in a non-binding 'vote' on Northern Gateway pipeline


B.C. Grizzly Bear Hunt opens with highest number of tags in decades

DENE MOROE - Canadian Press - An estimated 1,800 authorizations will be issued in this years spring/fall trophy hunt.


Tensions rise as First Nations demand Central Coast herring fishery be called off

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - Tensions are rising on the B.C. coast where a commercial herring fleet is gathering to fish in an area long closed because of conservation concerns.


In an oil tanker's shadow: Onboard a B.C. tugboat

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun - Join B.C. tug boat crew as they describe each treacherous day they work, calculating the waters of the B.C. coast with the tankers and barges they help navigate.


Resources Minister Rickford faces aboriginal backlash over Enbridge project

SHAWN MCCARTHY - The Globe and Mail - Coastal First Nations have a stark message for Ottawa’s new Natural Resources Minister, Greg Rickford; The Northern Gateway Pipeline project must be put to bed.


'Brutish' Columbia's trophy bear hunt puts us on display

STEPHEN HUME - The Vancouver Sun - Almost one third of 3,500 grizzlies killed in past decade were females, according to recent study.


B.C. government gets failing grades in grizzly bear management

FAISAL MOOLA - Chilling report released today by the DSF called Planning a Future for BC’s Grizzly Bears. DSF reveals that nine grizzly bear subpopulations are on brink of extinction in B.C.


Oilsands study confirms tailings found in groundwater, river

CBC NEWS = Federal study shows water from tailings ponds leaching into Athabasca River


Ancient herring catch nets fisheries' weakness

SIMON FRASER UNIVERSITY - Archaeological data indicate modern herring management needs to take a longer look into the past to manage fisheries for the future


Species At Risk Act: Court Finds 'Enormous Systemic Problem' In Enforcement

BRUCE CHEADLE - The Huffington Post - A Federal Court judge has ruled that the environment minister and the fisheries minister both broke the law by failing to enforce the Species at Risk Act.


B.C. Oil Spill Risk Among Worst in Canada: Report

BRUCE CHEADLE - The Canadian Press - A government-commissioned risk analysis report finds the coast of southern B.C. are Canadian areas most likely for a major oil spill.


When the province goes after ill-gotten gains, who pays?

SUNNY DHILLON - The Globe and Mail - Good news that BC government is attempting to seize notorious guide outfitter after decades of illegal trophy hunting in the Great Bear Rainforest.


Oil field fumes so painful, Alberta families forced to move

MYCHAYLO PRYSTUPA - Vancouver Observer - Severe headaches, dizziness, rashes and loss of memory: all symptoms reported to a new hearing examining health effects of Alberta's expanding oil industry.


Gitga'at First Nation seeks Northern Gateway pipeline judicial review

CANADIAN PRESS - The small community in Hartley Bay on B.C.'s north coast states oil supertankers laden with bitumen would put their way of life under severe threat.


Major landslide causes property and environmental damage in Great Bear Rainforest

LARRY PYNN - Vancouver Sun - Province says ‘natural event’ started 400 metres above logging operation.


Diluted bitumen from oilsands sinks when mixed with sediments, federal report

THE CANADIAN PRESS - Leader-Post - Tar Sands Oil Will Sink if Spilled in the Great Bear Rainforest.


Opinion Carbon Footprint of BC LNG Boom Could Rival Oilsands

Alison Bailie - The Tyee - That is, if the province's natural gas riches are developed as planned. But there's another way.


Northern Gateway overshadows Ottawa's marine-safety project

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - A major new project, the World Class Initiative, has been launched by the federal government with an aim to make Canada's waters 'safer from shipping accidents.'


Economic Impact of Bear Viewing and Bear Hunting in The Great Bear Rainforest of British Columbia

New study by CREST, the Centre for Responsivle Travel, finds that bear viewing ecotourism "generates far more value to the economy".


B.C.-Alberta Pipeline Alternative: Report Looks At Whether Oil-Via-Rail A Viable Option

STEVEN CHUA - The Canadian Press - A task force report examines the 'underhanded idea' to transport oilsands' crude via rail if Northern Gateway does not go ahead.


Alberta facing aboriginal legal onslaught over oilsands in 2014

THE GUARDIAN - Disputes between Alberta aboriginals and the provincial and federal governments over the oilsands will open in 2014.


Pipeline debate shaping up as propaganda war

STEPHEN HUME -The Vancouver Sun-Opposition in B.C. to the NG pipeline project is not limited to fringe radicals, but instead is a ‘broad cross-section of serious citizens with concerns to express,’


Oil tankers, threatened humpbacks on collision course on B.C.'s north coast due to pipeline approval

LARRY PYNN -The Vancouver Sun- Oil tankers associated with Enbridge Northern Gateway are on a collision course with threatened humpback whales on B.C.'s north coast.


Stephen Hume: NEB's Northern Gateway approval is Act II in the Theatre of the Absurd

STEPHEN HUME - The Vancouver Sun - "Enbridge: There were few surprises in Thursday’s comedy, apart from some technical glitches, and this play’s far from over."


Northern Gateway pipeline 'too dangerous' for the environment: Mulcair

Global News B.C - NDP Leader Tom Mulcair says shipment of oil on supertankers into the Douglas Channel in B.C. would be 'madness and should not take place."


Pipelines and Oil Tankers video a study in broken promises

JENNY UECHI - Vancouver Observer - Economist Robyn Allen explains oil policies, companies and the real meaning behind big oil.


Biologists warn against proposal to expand grizzly bear hunt

WENDY STUECK - The Globe and Mail - Despite a recent study in underestimating the number of bears killed each year, proposals are set to open hunting in two banned areas in B.C.


First Nations Gain Powerful New Allies in Fight Against Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and Tanke

YINKA DENE ALLIANCE - Solidarity Accord aligns First Nations with supporters from across Canadian society ahead of a Joint Review Panel decision on the proposed Northern Gateway project.


B.C. still struggling to define ‘world-class’ response to oil spills

JUSTINE HUNTER - The Globe and Mail - “We have not arrived at a place yet where we can say, ‘Here are the elements of a world-class response,’” B.C. Environment Minister, Mary Polak


Trophy hunting supported by only 10% in B.C., poll suggests

CBC NEWS - An overwhelming 90% of British Columbians oppose trophy hunting in this province.


B.C. humpback whales use seabirds to find herring, new research reveals

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun - New research: A population of North Vancouver Island humpback whales seen eating herring balls made by diving birds.


Northern Gateway pipeline review panel refuses to consider new data on dangers to whales

PETER O'NEIL -Vancouver Sun- A federal panel has reported to refuse to reopen hearings on the Northern Gateway pipeline proposal in order to consider a new report on the protection of humpback whales.


Enbridge seeking run-of-river project on B.C. fish-bearing stream

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun - Similar project was cancelled in 2009 because of presence of fish; Chinook salmon, rainbow trout and mountain whitefish.


Coast Guard spending $50 million to remove oil from U.S. ship that sank in 1946 off B.C.

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun - A $50-million CCG clean-up operation is underway to extract hundreds of tonnes of fuel from a bomb-laden U.S. Army transport ship that sank in 1946 on the B.C. coast


Pipelines could cut through parks

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun - Government document sets out how to gain approval for boundary adjustments.


Water Usage by fracking operations challenged in B.C. Supreme Court

SIERRA CLUB PRESS RELEASE - Lawsuit alleges Oil and Gas Commission’s practices violate B.C. Water Act


Hunting of grizzlies, especially females, exceeds B.C. government targets: new study

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun - New study released today shows number of grizzly bears killed in half the provincially permitted areas, exceeds targets.


Remote camera captures images of Central Coast wolves fishing

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - Using a remote camera set up on a river in the Great Bear Rainforest, rare video footage of wolves fishing for salmon is being captured live.


B.C., Alberta premiers agree on pipeline framework

CBC News - The two premiers announce surprise agreement on pipelines and energy exports.


Whales in B.C. bombarded by constant shipping noise

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun - Increased tanker traffic puts endangered and threatened whales at risk, international study finds.


Cleanup of B.C. Wreck Linked to Pipeline Controversy

CBC- US army transport ship the Brig.-Gen. M.G. Zalinshy sank in the Grenville Channel in 1946. Canadian Coast Guard launches $50 million clean-up at a controversial pipeline decision time.


CN defends safety record in face of three derailments within a month

GLOBAL NEWS CANADA (TV) - Thirteen cars on a CN freight train carrying oil and LNG went off the rails near Gainford, Alta. This is the 3rd derailment in one month of cars carrying petroleum products.


Three million pounds of oil found on Louisiana shore three years after BP spill

JEMIMA KELLY - The Globe and Mail - Even three years after the BP spill in the Gulf of Mexico, oil still surges on the Louisiana coast


Greet the Mind brings raincoast to the stage

GABRIEL GERMAIX - The Ubyssey - Mike Jensen and Igor Puzanov of the Vancouver based band, Greet the Mind, call there music "forest-inspired trip-hop".


Energy deals with First Nations can't be rushed, PM envoy warns

JUSTINE HUNTER - The Globe and Mail - PM's envoy states 'much time has already been lost setting the stage for confrontation and resistance rather than agreement'.


As pods recover from whaling, more whales come back to Douglas Channel, researcher believes

ROBIN ROWLAND - Northwest Coast Energy News - Whales are coming back to the Douglas Channel.


Petronas's potential B.C. investment pegged at $36 billion

GORDON HOEKSTRA and MATTHEW FISHER - The Vancouver Sun - Gas giant’s LNG plant and pipeline project decision to come at end of 2014.


Northern Gateway oil pipeline across British Columbia will be in service by 2018, Enbridge says

DENE MOORE - The Vancouver Sun - Oil sands opponents turn attention from Keystone XL to B.C. proposals


Pipelines likely to stay a pipe dream

GARY MASON - The Globe and Mail - The five conditions B.C. put forward to Alberta government for proposed pipeline to go through B.C. are "so far from being achieved it's almost laughable".


B.C. First Nation asks UN envoy to look into Northern Gateway complaint

CANADIAN PRESS - UN envoy visiting Canada next week has been asked to investigate actions of the provincial government on proposed Northern Gateway pipeline


Delays by First Nations groups could kill development plans, minister says

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver worried that "billions of dollars" will be lost if agreements can not be made with aboriginal leaders along pipeline/tanker route


CN Rail floats idea of shipping Alberta bitumen to Prince Rupert: documents

BRUCE CHEADLE - The Globe and Mail - Documents obtained by Greenpeace show CN to be considering transporting crude oil from Alberta in quantities matching the Northern Gateway pipeline.


Kill Northern Gateway Now, First Nations leaders say amid ad campaign

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - "British Columbians have spoken. Will Stephen Harper listen?" - Coastal First Nations


Harper government on collision course with First Nations?

SUSANA MAS - CBC News - Prime Minister Harper's push for the building of oil pipelines to the west coast is not having the desired effect with First Nations leaders.


Disasters Foretold in Northern Gateway Danger Zones

CHRIS WOOD - The Tyee - Enbridge already knows where, and how much, the proposed pipeline could leak


B.C. born NHL player Claton Stoner at centre of grizzly bear shooting controversy

LARRY PYNN-The Vancouver Sun-Coastal First Nations are upset with the killing a large male grizzly in the Kwatna estuary on the central coast, an area declared off-limits to trophy hunting.


B.C. worries oil spill would 'overwhelm' resources

STANLEY TROMP - The Globe and Mail -B.C. Ministry of Environment bureaucrats raised concerns and misgivings over preparedness, prevention, response and recovery for spills on coastal waters.


B.C. issues contentious mineral-exploration permit in Clayoquot Sound

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun - The Tla-o-qui-aht First Nation are outraged that the B.C. government has issued a mineral-exploration permit for an area of Clayoquot Sound declared a tribal park.


Canada's oil pipelines will not build a nation - they are a great swindle

MARTIN LUKACS - The Guardian UK - 'The only nation-building that is occurring appears to be a coast-to-coast movement of opposition against planned pipelines'.


Totem pole raised in Haida Gwaii to celebrate deal that made a park

KIM NURSALL - The Vancouver Sun - Hundreds gather on Thursday in B.C.'s Gwaii Haanas National Park to raise a totem pole, the first to go up in over 100 years.


Enbridge misrepresents pipeline benefits

ROBYN ALLAN _ the Vancouver Sun - Critical analysis of the economic benefits of the proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline on local communities, jobs, and welfare.


Disease killing Pacific herring threatens salmon, scientist warns

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - Alexandra Morton reports a disease is spreading through Pacific herring causing the fish to hemorrhage. This could potentially affect wild salmon.


Bones from aboriginal whaling site near Tofino give insight into ancient coastal cultures

LARRY PYNN - Vancouver Sun - Research and analysis into whale bones at Echachist, a former aboriginal whaling site, yields some tantalizing discoveries.


Trans Canada to build $1.5 billion pipeline in B.C.

CANADIAN PRESS - Financial Post - Pipeline expansion in northeaster B.C. to deliver natural gas to an export terminal in Prince Rupert and on to Asian markets.


Federal agency denies petition to delist Pacific NW killer whales

BETTINA BOXALL - Los Angeles Times - The latest development in a decade-long battle to protect three pods pf orca whales off the NW Pacific coast.


Coastal First Nations prepare to enforce B.C. bear-hunting ban

WENDY STUECK - The Globe and Mail - Coastal First Nations alliance will implement and enforce a ban on hunting in these territories along B.C.'s north and central coast.


Enbridge spends quiet summer furiously wooing B.C. government

BARBARA YAFFE - The Vancouver Sun - After the JRP hearings wrapped up in June, Enbridge is 'beaver-busy' is meetings with people and communities along the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline route.


Alberta oil spills cause concern over Canada's approval of tar sands project

The Guardian UK - A series of oil spills in recent months in Alberta draws international attention to concerns over oil sand extraction and pipeline transportation.


Alberta, B.C. launch plan to expand oil, gas exports

MIKE DE SOUZA - - B.C. Premier Christy Clark and Alberta Premier Alison Redford are launching plans to expand resources through the west coast.


New Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq gets a mixed reception

CARLITO PABLO - The Georgia Straight - Coastal First Nations approach news of the new national Environment Minister, from Nanavut, with 'cautious optimism'.


Alberta Oilsands Environmental Enforcement: Study finds little done in oilsands incidents

BOB WEBER - The Canadian Press - A survey of thousands of environmental problems in Alberta's oilsands has drawn fewer than one percent of drawn any enforcement.


Norwegian salmon virus discovered in B.C.

DAMIEN GILLIS - The Common Sense Canadian - With accompanying film 'Asking Norway about the Piscine Reovirus' by Twyla Roscovich


Bella Bella community devastated by fire

PAULA BAKER - Global News - Last night, the Waglisla Band store, post office, liquor store and Koeye cafe were the victims of a devastating fire. No one was hurt but the damage is severe.


Train tragedy: Could it happen here in B.C.?

JESSICA BARRETT - The Vancouver Sun - Communities in B.C. could be vulnerable to the kind of train wreck that left Lac-Megantic, Que. in ruins Saturday


As oil production exceeds pipeline capacity, B.C. can expect more use of rail tankers to move crude

JESSICA BARRETT - The Vancouver Sun


Enbridge needs 3 years to upgrade pipeline pumps

MAX PARIS - CBC News - Enbridge's plan to bring 117 of its Canadian pump stations into compliance with NEB regulations will take 3 years.


B.C. First Nations opposed to pipeline warn Enbridge against trespassing

VANCOUVER SUN - Yinka Dene Alliance, representing six First Nations, sends a 'cease and desist' letter warning Enbridge against trespassing on traditional territories.


What part of 'No' does Enbridge not understand

CAITLYN VERNON - Huffington Post - Reflections from the wrap up of the Joint Review Panel hearings in Terrace B.C. The answer is still 'NO' from concerned citizens.


Hearings into Northern Gateway pipeline wrap

ROBIN ROWLAND - The Canadian Press - Strong arguments in opposition to the proposed Gateway pipeline project heard on final days of JRP hearings in Terrace, B.C.


Enbridge restarting two Alberta pipelines

SHAWN MCCARTHY - The Globe and Mail - Enbridge Inc. turns the flow back on for two of its' pipelines after the company struggled to contain a 750 barrel oil spill in Alberta last weekend.


Rare majestic whale spotted off B.C. coast for the first time in 62 years

SUSAN LAZARUK - The Province - Researches from the DFO confirmed sighting of a North Pacific right whale in the Great Bear Rainforest waters off the B.C. coast.


Gateway fails yet again to sell its pipeline to British Columbians

VANCOUVER SUN - At the final hearings in Terrace, B.C., submissions show why the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline has not gained the confidence of British Columbians.


Its top regulator a Petro insider, Alberta faces new major spill

ANDREW NIKIFORUK - The Tyee - Plains Midstream has a questionable safety record in both the US and Canada for spills


Northern Gateway pipeline review panel to hear final arguments

KELLY CRYDERMAN - The Globe and Mail - The begining of two weeks of final arguments towards the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline begins today in Terrace, B.C.


Anti-Enbridge Rally in Terrace

ALLISON BENCH - CFTK News - Hundreds peacefully gather in Terrace to protest the Northern Gateway pipeline project


Kinder Morgan TransMountain Pipeline Spilled about 6 Barrels: NEB

THE CANADIAN PRESS - Pipeline spill near Merritt B.C. forced the shutdown of the Trans Mountain pipeline.


British Columbia's Clark says conditions must be met for Northern Gateway pipeline approval

REUTERS - National Post - Clark states: 'there may still be time for project to meet British Columbia's demands' amidst much opposition to the Northern Gateway pipeline


For First Nations, one-size energy policy will never fit all

JUSTINE HUNTER - The Globe and Mail - Interview with Doug Eyford, PM Stephen Harper's envoy for First Nations and energy issues in western Canada


Farmed salmon test positive for infection

CBC News - Salmon from fish farm on Newfoundland's south coast test positive for ISA


Taking a supertankers Stand aat the Vancouver Festival of Ocean Films

ADRIAN MACK - The Georgia Straight - Award winning film takes a crucial look at critical dangers posed by the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.


Coast guard's oil-spill preparedness languishing, audit says

DENE MOORE - The Globe and Mail - Canadian Coast Guard's system to monitor and respond to an oil spill found to be 'outdated, disorganized and in need of an overhaul.


Friends of Wild Salmon respond to B.C. Government decision to reject Enbridge Northern Gateway

GERALD AMOS - Press Release


B.C. rejects Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline proposal

CBC NEWS - Major decision today from the B.C. government: Northern Gateway pipeline project 'fails to address environmental concerns'.


Genetically modified Salmon can breed with trout and harm ecosystem, warn scientists

RICHARD GREY - The Telegraph, UK - Scientists at McGill University fear that plans to farm new GM salmon may result in some escaping into streams and rivers creating major risks.


Gas Pains: B.C.'s gas plan is a short-sighted pipe dream

DAVID SUZUKI - The Common Sense Canadian - LNG terminals will produce millions of tonnes of carbon a year into the atmosphere


Harper government eliminated reviews for oilsands projects following warnings of water disruption

MIKE De SOUZA - - Changes eliminated about 3,000 federal environmental assessments of fossil fuel and pipeline developments.


Resolution Opposing the Construction of the Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline - Unitarian Church

The Canadian Unitarian church unanimously signs resolution in 50 member congregations.


Premier Clark is a fair-weather pipeline friend

JUSTINE HUNTER - The Globe and Mail - Post election victory has B.C. Liberal leader Christy Clark pivoting in a new direction on future of oil pipeline construction.


Bitumen Doesn't Float

ANDREW NIKIFORUK - The Tyee - Study debunks Enbridge claims that oil sands crude spill is standard clean-up.


Enbridge to meet re-elected British Columbia Liberals on Gateway

REBECCA PENTY - Bloomberg - Enbridge officials and B.C. premier Christy Clark to discuss way to meet the five conditions for the province to support plans for the Northern Gateway pipeline.


Enbridge underestimates oil spill risk: report

THOMAS GUNTON and SEAN BROADBENT - The Vancouver Sun - Scientist defend major report into Enbridge's risk assessment


Infected fish at centre of lawsuit against Ottawa

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - Action filed by Ecojustice on behalf of Alexandra Morton, alleges DFO acted "unlawfully" in transfering fish with piscine reovirus.


Enbridge breaks safety rules at pipeline pump stations across Canada

MAX PARIS - CBC News - Enbridge's defence is that National Energy Board is 'interpreting rules differently.'


Increased oil tanker traffic controversy spills into B.C. election campaign

CANADIAN PRESS - The Vancouver Sun


Study shows a higher risk of Northern Gateway pipeline spills than Enbridge estimated

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - Terminal spills are predicted to occur within 15 to 41 years, not 62 years as Enbridge projects. There would be multiple pipeline spills – up to 15 per year.


Joe Oliver slams scientist's oilsands claims as 'nonsense'

CBC News - 'Crying wolf' does not advamce debate, federal natural resources minister says.


Pipeline faces daunting hurdles

BRENT JANG - The Globe and Mail - Political opposition to Keystone obtaining provincial permits to expand its Trans Mountain route in Vancouver.


B.C. NDP's surprise pipeline stand wins green thumbs-up

JUSTINE HUNTER - The Globe and Mail


Government, big oil, others engaged in 'fraud' at consumers' expense, B.C. economist argues

PETER O'NEIL - Calgary Herald - Economist Robyn Allan speaks out against the construction on the Northern Gateway pipeline.


Ottawa witholding reports on B.C. wild salmon

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail


Gateway can't go ahead without full safety plan, Enbridge told



Wolf Hunts Morally Corrupt

GEORGE WUERTHNER - Killing adult wolves creates chaos within the packs


Harper government touts Northern Gateway benefits while announcing trade mission

PETER O'NEIL - The Vancouver Sun


Enbridge pipeline opponents say hearings unfair

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail


Economist Robyn Allan criticizes Enbridge's lack of land and marine spill response

JENNY UECHI - The Vancouver Observer


B.C. to respond to gaps in oil spill safety in coming months

The Canadian Press - Globe and Mail


Risk to Endangered Whales from Ships in Southern California Analyzed in New Study

SCIENCE DAILY - Impact of ships on whale populations assessed in California in the hopes of altering commercial routes to minimize their risk.


Alex Talks #4

ALEXANDRA MORTON presents what the three leading political parties in British Columbia are saying about salmon feedlots.


B.C. ends pipeline cross-examination with many unanswered questions

DENE MOORE - The Globe and Mail


Oil recovery vessel ran aground en route to federal tanker announcement

CBC News -


U.S. orders Enbridge to dredge Kalamazoo River after huge oil spill two years ago



Mulcair warns Americans of Chinese energy takeovers in Canada

WILLIAM MARSDEN - Postmedia News


Tom Mulcair goes to Washington, tells Americans that Harper is 'playing people for fools' on environ



Canada's First Nations lead battle against Alberta tar sands

ALEX KIRBY - The First Perspective - Canada's First Nations anxious to stop oil being exported to Europe in light of European Council vote being held later this year.


No, Minister Oliver, the oil sands have not become 'green'

TZEPORAH BERMAN - The Globe and Mail - Natural Resources Minister, Joe Oliver, calls Alberta oil sands 'green' in a pitch to U.S. officials.


B.C. environmentalist says diving with sea lions is like 'looking into the mouth of a grizzly bear'

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun - Underwater footage of Steller sea lions in Whale Channel, B.C. (WITH VIDEO)


Pipe dreams: A look at Canada's six leading pipeline proposals

SHAWN MCCARTHY and NATHAN VANDERKLIPPE - The Globe and Mail - An analytical insight into the 6 major pipeline and pipeline proposals in Canada today.


Eight Ways to Take Part in Idle No More

JESS HOUSTY - The Tyee - It's about common goals, not colonial guilt, says one young Heiltsuk woman.


Environmentalists look to insert Great Bear Rainforest into B.C. election agenda

JONATHAN FOWLIE - The Vancouver Sun - Environmentalists push protection of the Great Bear Rainforest onto B.C. election agenda.


Kalamazoo River spill survivor testifies at Vancouver Enbridge hearings

“Here is what I’ve learned: A spill will hurt your business base. Companies will relocate or close. Your tax base will disappear. Your communities will lose tourism and future businesses"


The $273 billion question: Enbridge and the Northern Gateway Controversy

By Arno Kopecky - The Reader's Digest- A Beautifully written piece on the Enbridge controversy and the Great Bear Rainforest.


With pipelines under attack, railways lead race to move oil

NATHAN VANDERKLIPPE - The Globe and Mail - Reasearch into alternative transportation to oil pipelines


B.C. public-sector pension invests millions in Enbridge

LARRY PYNN-The Vancouver Sun-B.C.’s public-sector pensions are investing billions in Enbridge Inc. and other oil giants while public opinion in the province is strongly against such projects.


Grounding of Kulluk sounds alarm about vulnerability of B.C. coast

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - US Coast Guard and Shell are helpless to stop drill rig from running aground in Alaska.


Victoria sticks to guns in allowing wolf-kill contest

LARRY PYNN - Vancouver Sun - The legal issues that WCEL lawyers put forward in their legal opinion still have not been addressed by the B.C. government.


Legal opinion says provincial gambling officials erred in okaying wolf-kill contest

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun -In an opinion for Pacific Wild, West Coast Environmental Law says it believes the contest is “in violation of the gaming provisions of the Criminal Code of Canada”.


Wolf kill contest in B.C. illegal, says conservationist

The Canadian Press - CBC News - Pacific Wild claims the provincial government is breaking the law by allowing a wolf kill contest in B.C. in which various prizes are offered.


Enbridge opponents spar over pipeline's risks

NATHAN VANDERKLIPPE - The Globe and Mail - Enbridge representatives are grilled on economic and marine impacts at the Joint Review Pane hearings in Prince Rupert.


B.C.'s iconic white spirit bear at risk from Enbridge Northern Gateway tankers: research report

LARRY PYNN - The Calgary Herald - Tanker traffic poses “significant, cumulative, adverse, and immitigable impacts” to the greatest coastal habitat for B.C.’s iconic white spirit bear.


Ottawa dials down support for Northern Gateway pipeline, citing 'huge challenges'

CLAUDIA CATTANEO - Financial Post - Joe Oliver, Canada’s Minister of Natural Resources, said Ottawa is still keen to develop new markets for Canada’s oil, but is also keeping an eye on public opinion.


Second B.C. shipping incident in two days heightens concerns over Enbridge Northern Gateway project

LARRY PYNN-The Vancouver Sun-Ian McAllister, who lives on Denny Island on the central coast, said the two events bring a strong dose of reality to an Enbridge advertising campaign currently underway.


Freighter runs aground off Prince Rupert, stoking oil spill fears

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - “This could have been one of the worst spills … this could have been an historic catastrophe in the shipping industry in B.C.,” said Ian McAllister of Pacific Wild.


ACTION ALERT! Please Help Protect British Columbia's Wolves

A brief analysis of the Draft Wolf Management Plan released on Nov. 14, 2012. Public input deadline is Dec. 5th. Here are some recommendations to include in your letter.


Contest offers cash prizes for wolf kills in northeastern B.C.

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun - Conservation scientists condemn cash reward for hunter who can kill biggest animal.


Caribou, wolves or development?

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - The environmental group, Pacific Wild, has condemned the report, saying it projects "a barbaric and grim future for B.C. wolves".


World beneath the ocean's surface remains largely unknown:scientists

DENE MOORE - The Vancouver Sun - The vast world that exists beneath the surface of the ocean remains largely unknown to humankind, say experts.


B.C. wolf management plan criticized as veiled attack on the species

LARRY PYNN - The Vancouver Sun - A provincial draft wolf-management plan is little more than a veiled attack on the species.


British Columbia’s War on Wolves Continues with Newly Released Draft Management Plan

Ian McAllister - The plan is full of discussion on the “harvesting” of wolves, as if they are some kind of crop like wheat or barley.


Fate of Clover the 'spirit bear' from B.C. draws international interest

MARK HUME and JUSTINE HUNTER -The Globe and Mail - Ian McAllister said his environmental organization is getting a “steady stream” of correspondence from people outside Canada who want the bear freed.


Earthquake shakes faith in pipeline project

A recent series of earthquakes off the North coast of B.C. reinforces concerns over environmental safety of Northern Gateway pipeline and oil supertanker traffic through the same area.


'This is What Democracy Looks Like'

ANDREW MacLEOD - The Tyee - NDP MLA Fleming's message to Premier Clark joins chorus of protest against Northern Gateway at BC legislature.


Spirit Bears Are Calling Us

ADAM S. SEALEY - The Common Ground - First Nations historic declaration to ban the bear trophy hunt in the Great Bear Rainforest honours the spirit of late Nuxalk Chief Qwatsinas “Raven Spirit.”


Shy Kitimat postal worker finds his voice speaking out against Northern Gateway

NATHAN VANDERKLIPPE - The Globe and Mail - Murray Minchin overcomes a speech impediment to make his voice heard at the Joint Review Panel hearings in Prince George, B.C.


You heard it here: Northern Gateway's dead

JEFFREY SIMPSON - The Globe and Mail - Too many obstacles, now and in the future, put Northern Gateway pipeline project in the 'dead zone'.


Pipeline Whistleblower: Cracks in The System

ANDREW NIKIFORUK - The Tyee - Insider ties poor weld inspections to rising rate of ruptures.


B.C., Alberta premiers agree to more pipeline talks

The CBC News - Alberta Premier Alison Redford is willing to talk to B.C. Premier Christy Clark about the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline, however "nothing has changed when it comes to royalties."


UBCM opposes oil tanker traffic growth in near-split vote

Jeff Nagel - B.C. Local News - At the Union of B.C. Municipalities in Victoria, B.C., civic leaders vote to oppose oil pipeline projects that would expand tanker traffic in coastal waters.


Gateway pipeline faces endangered species legal action

CBC News - EcoJustice, on behalf of several environmental groups, take legal action to use the 'Species at Risk Act' to block the construction of the Northern Gateway Pipeline.


B.C. First Nations ban trophy bear hunting

MARK HUME - The Globe and Mail - B.C. coastal First Nations released a declaration to ban trophy bear hunting in their traditional territories, causing controversy with provincial officials.


Tankers too risky for B.C. coastal environment: independent engineering report

LARRY PYNN -Vancouver Sun- An independent analysis by three professional engineers find "a probability of 22 per cent that there will be an oil spill on the B.C. coast


Government tries to block MP's questions at pipeline review

MAX PARIS - CBC News Canada - NDP's House Leader, Nathan Cullen wants answers from federal officials at Northern Gateway hearings.


Enbridge cleanup plan does not take bitumen into account

WILL CAMPBELL and VIVIAN LUK - The Globe and Mail - Enbridge spill response plan deals with conventional crude, not the diluted bitumen the pipeline will carry.


Hungry killer whales focus on feeding

JUDITH LAVOIE - Times Colonist - With chinook salmon in short supply, hunting is prime activity


The corporate cock-up that's refuelled the Canadian tar sands debate

Colin Horgan - The Guardian U.K.- The issue of what to do about Alberta's oil reserves gets international attention.


Enbridge stirs up controversy with depiction of waterway without islands

JUDITH LAVOIE - The Times Colonist - Critics say video an attempt to mislead public.


The Rigamarole of 'Public' Environmental Hearings in BC: A Cameraman's Perspective

DAMIEN GILLIS - The Common Sense Canadian - Read Damien's first hand account of the July 27 make-up for the lost day of JRP hearings in nearby Bella Bella this past April. With Audio.


B.C. natives willing to 'go to the wall' against Enbridge pipeline

ROD MICKLEBURGH - The Globe and Mail - Speaking at a gathering of high-profile opponents, Grand Chief Phillip, “Our people are prepared to go to the wall against this. There is no doubt about that.”


Enbridge shuts large Canada-US pipeline after spill

JONATHAN LEFF - The Globe and Mail - A 318,00 barrel per day leg of a major Enbridge pipleine spilled 1,299 barrels of oil in Wisconsin


B.C. Premier Christy Clark calls on Ottawa, Alberta to resolve Northern Gateway feud

JASON FEKETE - The Financial Post -Inter provincial royalty shares of the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline wold "effectively rewrite the rules of Confederation".


Northern Gateway pipeline plan fuels war of words between Alberta, B.C. premiers

TAMSYN BURGMANN - The National Post - Rhetoric on both sides of the issue increases before provincial and territorial leaders gather in Halifax for the Council of Federation meeting.


Christy Clark: Northern Gateway pipeline a 'very large risk' with 'very small benefit' for B.C.

JASON FEKETE - The Vancouver Sun - B.C. Premier Christy Clark, "Based on what we know now, I don't think British Columbians think the balance of risks and benefits is an acceptable one."


Editorial: The Enbridge lesson: Major products need public support

The U.S. National Transportation Safety Board report on a 2012 pipeline leak into the Kalamazoo River also hails a damaging blow to Northern Gateway plans as public opinion steadily decreases.


Citizen Marsh calculates the odds of a Northern Gateway oil spill

STEPHEN HUME - Vancouver Sun - "Democracy works when citizens take action". Kelly Marsh of Kitimat, B.C. demonstrated this with his mathematical statistics at 47.8 per cent chance of an oil spill.

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