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  • June, 2015

To surpass our goal of 200,000 signatures on the Save B.C. Wolves petition - wolves need your voice!

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Spencer from the Wolf Conservation Center does a live update from the heart of the Great Bear Rainforest - urging you to speak out and lend your name to end the barbaric, unethical, and unscientific wolf cull happening in British Columbia.


January 2015- BC’s War on Wolves continues

Wolves in British Columbia, Canada have been being shot at by hunters in helicopters. 

This is an ill-conceived plan to save endangered caribou in B.C..  The wolves are not responsible for the dwindling caribou numbers; habitat loss and human encroachment are. But wolves are taking the blame and paying the price. 

B.C. Wolves Need Your Help

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 The Issue

•  Decades of habitat destruction and human encroachment have left B.C.’s woodland caribou in serious decline. But instead of protecting critical habitat, such as lichen-rich high elevation forests, the B.C. government turned a deaf ear to scientific warnings and allowed logging, industrial exploration and other kinds of human encroachment to take place. Now that the caribou are almost gone, they’ve decided to scapegoat wolves. These highly social and intelligent animals, icons of B.C.’s natural heritage, should not be killed because of long-term government negligence in regards to habitat protection.

•   If the wolf kill program is allowed to continue, thousands of wolves will die a cruel and unnecessary death resulting in an ecosystem imbalance and loss of genetic diversity.   Don’t let that happen. Help us fight for the wolves' right to live.

 Killing Wolves is Not the  Solution

•  There are solutions that do not result in intelligent, highly social animals being slaughtered in inhumane ways. For example, winter-based motorized activity, one of the leading causes of caribou decline in the Selkirk Mountains should be restricted from operating in endangered caribou habitat. Traditionally, deep snow would provide security from wolves, but the tracks made by the vehicles allow wolves easy access to caribou. The B.C. government has known this for decades but has consistently capitulated to industry and recreational lobby groups who want access to this critical habitat. Same story for logging, mining, and oil and gas companies - they continue to be granted access to lands that are critical for the survival of woodland caribou. 

•  If we are silent nothing will change.  The success of our fundraising campaign will allow us to build enough pressure on government, through a concerted, strategic and informed public education campaign that the widespread killing of wolves will become a sad chapter in our history.

 About our Save BC Wolves INDIEGOGO Campaign

We are raising funds through our Indiegogo Save B.C. Wolves campaign, click here to learn more and donate.

• With donated advertising space, we are bringing this issue directly to the streets of Vancouver and Victoria where the wolf kill decision is ultimately made. Help us make use of this valuable space. Your donation will go to increasing advertising exposure in addition to production and design costs.

• Your support will help fund a full-time wolf campaign team with the means to build local and international public pressure by exposing this kill as unscientific and ineffective through a variety of media, including film, and a host of other public outreach platforms.

• Your support will ensure that wolves currently being killed now do not die in vain and that a long term solution that addresses the fundamental issue of habitat loss becomes the solution for the future of caribou in British Columbia.

• If we are silent nothing will change. The success of this fundraising campaign will allow us to build enough pressure on government, through a concerted, strategic and informed public education campaign that the widespread killing of wolves will become a sad chapter in our history.

• Funding will also go towards logistical support to document the current cull program directly - it is critical that the helicopter-based killing is recorded.

Click here for our Save BC Wolves Indiegogo Campaign

Other Ways You Can Help

Write a letter/send an email to the government voicing your opposition to the wolf kill program in British Columbia

Sign the petition to Save B.C. Wolves

Donate, share this campaign and the petition on social media

• Start a conversation with family, friends and everyone who can lend their support to end the wolf kill in British Columbia

Pacific Wild Press Release

January 15, 2015

B.C. Government green-lights controversial wolf hunt in the South Selkirk and South Peace regions. As many as 184 wolves to be shot from helicopters.

Decades of habitat destruction and human encroachment have left BC’s mountain caribou on the edge of survival. Instead of protecting critical food and habitat for caribou, such as the lichen rich interior forests, the BC government has now placed the blame on wolves. Over 180 wolves are now being targeted for aerial killing in the next two months. These highly social and intelligent animals, icons of our natural heritage, should not be killed because of government negligence. Killing all the wolves in BC won’t bring the caribou back in the absence of habitat protection.

Wolves are highly social and intelligent animals and research shows that predator kill programs increase reproductive rates in wolves and destabilizes pack structure causing more predation of livestock and other non-native prey.

It is the view of Pacific Wild that this announcement is scientifically unsound and that wolves are being used as a scapegoat to divert attention from the fundamental problem of ongoing habitat destruction and displacement caused by human encroachment.

"This is not management, it’s a tax-payer funded kill program of one of our most iconic species.” said Ian McAllister, Conservation Director for Pacific Wild. "This is not only a horrific day for wolves in British Columbia but a sad day for public engagement and policy that will surely bring international condemnation to our borders."    

April 17, 2015 - Pacific Wild Update
B.C. government drastically overestimates the impact of wolves on threatened caribou herds

In a wolf cull, sanctioned by the B.C. government on January 15, 2015, as many as 184 wolves were to be shot from helicopters as part of an ill-conceived plan to save endangered caribou herds in the South Selkirk and Peace regions.
Today, the B.C. government discloses that 84 wolves were killed validating independent biologists concerns that wolves are unduly being scapegoated for the decline of caribou. These kill figures show the B.C. government has once again overestimated the population of wolves in endangered caribou habitat providing further evidence that they simply do not understand the predator prey-dynamics in the region. This wolf cull is proposed to continue for four more years unless our voices are heard.

READ MORE on Global News, April 16, 2015
84 wolves killed in B.C. during cull program


March 5, 2015 - Update from Pacific Wild - #SaveBCWolves ads hit the streets in Vancouver

#SaveBCwolves ads continue to hit the streets of Vancouver.  Public opposition builds but wolves continue to be killed by B.C. government’s barbaric cull program. Has your voice been heard? If you see an ad on the street - take a photo, post it with the location and tag us @pacificwild
Spread the word and get the world involved in opposing the wolf cull. 

Update from Pacific Wild

January 27, 2015
11 Days of Wolf Killing

Since the surprise announcement that the Canadian province of British Columbia was beginning an immediate aerial kill program that would leave over 180 wild wolves dead by hunters in helicopters, the international condemnation has been significant. Thousands of letters and emails have been sent and Ministry phone lines have been ringing off the hook from people expressing their outrage. Over 130,000 people have signed the petition opposing the wolf kill and over 500 people have donated over $40,000 to Pacific Wild’s Indiegogo campaign to stop this wildlife tragedy. This is an incredible show of support for B.C.’s threatened wolves. Thank you.

But this is a bittersweet issue. We know that tomorrow morning helicopters are rising to the sky and with the aid of satellite tracking collars (placed on the wolves a year ago by the B.C. government), packs of wolves will be shot and left to die a cruel and inhumane death. Wolves did not cause the decline of caribou in B.C., but government did. Years of habitat destruction and unbridled human access to sensitive caribou habitat has caused the decline and as a final act of desperation and diversion, wolves are being scapegoated by the B.C. government.

This wolf kill is happening because of government negligence and we can’t allow wolves to pay for it.

Pacific Wild is researching a legal strategy to end this kill. We cannot allow the culling of a species to become a standard wildlife management tool in B.C.. We also believe that the hunt is breaking the government's own animal cruelty laws. It states that animals must be inspected after being shot to ensure they are dead and not wounded - but we know that these helicopters are unable to land in most areas where the wolves are being hunted.

With the Save the BC Wolves Indiegogo campaign we are supporting ground crews in the field who are actively working to document the kill program. We are designing ads for a new public campaign that will bring this issue front and centre to British Columbians. Pacific Wild is working for the day that wolves are not “managed” but viewed as icons of our spectacular planet. We are over 80% towards our crowd funding campaign.

If every person who has singed the Save B.C. Wolves petition over the last few days supported this campaign we would reach our goal by tomorrow.

Support B.C. wolves; support Pacific Wild’s crowd funding campaign. Forward the petition, write our politicians. If we don’t stop this now it will become standard management practice for B.C’s wildlife for many years to come.

Pacific Wild

Want to learn more?
Read these informative articles about the BC wolf cull
 ‘Wolf cull will not save threatened Canadian caribou’ by Nature International Journal of Science

 ‘Canada has done little to protect endangered caribou population’ by The Globe & Mail 

• ‘BC War on Wolves’ Interview with Ian McAllister' by CBC News 

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