Following The Last Wild Wolves

The marine wolves of northern British Columbia

The illustrated edition of 'The Last Wild Wolves' won the B.C. Booksellers’ Choice Award. This updated textual edition describes what has happened to the wolves and their environment since the book first appeared in 2007 and presents the latest scientific research indicating that these wolves are a distinct species.

It also contains a sixteen-page photographic insert that includes spectacular new photographs.

Reviews for Following the Last Wild Wolves

“Unleash your inner wild thing with this beautiful account of the marine wolves of northern British Columbia.” - NATIONAL POST

“This book will leave you slack-jawed at the wonders of the wild wolf and educated about the raw deal humans are giving them.” - CALGARY HERALD

Awards for Following the Last WIld Wolves
  • B.C. Booksellers’ Choice Award, 2011

  By: Ian McAllister
  Introduction by: Paul C. Paquet
  Contributions by: Chris Darimont
  ISBN 978-1-55365-587-9
  Publisher: D&M Publishing
  Price: $19.95 CAD

All proceeds from the sale of these books go to Pacific Wild’s conservation initiatives.