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Watch: Global News features the Pacific Wild and Heiltsuk Nation Great Bear Sea Hydrophone Network, whale research and acoustic monitoring we are carrying out on the central coast. Sitka is implementing caring capitalism by fundraising for this important initiative through their business. With the support of Sitka and donations from people like you, we’re working to establish acoustic thresholds that will be incorporated into marine planning initiatives in the future. Learn more by watching this Global News feature and from our Hydrophone Network page.

Take action on these critical issues unfolding now on the B.C. coast:

Cultures Collide on the Central Coast

March/April 2015: First Nations rights ignored as DFO opens controversial fishery

For decades the Heiltsuk First Nation have been advocating for a sustainable fishery that would allow central coast stocks to return to their former abundance. However, Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) continues to support the corporate controlled kill-fishery, even against the advice and recommendations of the department's own scientists.


Take Action: Write a Letter HERE to the government to close the commercial fishery in 2015 and rebuild herring stocks in solidarity with First Nations and conservation groups in B.C. 
Sign the Petition to Protect Pacific Herring from DFO's Unsustainable Kill-Fishery

Save B.C. Wolves

January-April 2015: Take action to end the government wolf cull in B.C. and #saveBCwolves

The B.C. Government has launched a wolf kill program blaming wolves for the drastic decline of caribou: a decline actually caused by habitat destruction by industries such as oil & gas, clear-cut logging and mining. Stand up for wolves and injustice that has become law, join our campaign to end the wolf kill that is planned to inhumanely shoot wolves from helicopters for the next 5 years using taxpayer dollars.

Take action now - write a letter, sign the petition, donate to our indiegogo campaign, share and keep this issue in the forefront. Do this and learn more at our Take Action Page

Join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter @pacificwild #saveBCwolves

Great Bear LIVE 

Click here to view our underwater camera in the herring spawning grounds.

 Sign up for Great Bear LIVE Alerts to stay up-to-date on the latest action, and email us if you see anything interesting on camera. 

Also, watch some of our favourite clips from Great Bear LIVE below:

Take Action on these Important Issues:

Learn more about these issues threatening the Great Bear Rainforest and Great Bear Sea:

Say No to Enbridge 
Clean Up Namu, B.C.
Defend Herring 
Save B.C. Wolves
End the Trophy Hunt
Defend Wild Salmon
Join our Amplify Team

Thank you for lending your voice to these causes.

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